Your Local Wellborn Distributor in Phoenix, AZ

Caine & Company is proud to be a distributor for Wellborn Cabinets, a high-quality brand made in America. For over 50 years, Wellborn has been creating cabinetry in Ashford, Alabama, and we’re delighted to be able to bring that quality to you. Visit our showroom to explore cabinetry options and see what’s available to you.

Why Wellborn?

Wellborn Cabinets are nearly infinitely customizable, available in practically every popular style and color and with nearly every type of wood and finish you can imagine. They’re designed to be both beautiful and functional, adding an elegance to your home that takes any renovation project to the next level. Plus, customized Wellborn Cabinets are delivered in a timely manner, meaning that you won’t have to endure lengthy delays in your home renovation project – and that’s only if we don’t have the perfect cabinets for you already available in our showroom, just waiting for you to select them.

Traditional Kitchen Remodel in Scottsdale

Every aspect of a Wellborn Cabinet is carefully calibrated to provide you with optimum longevity and durability. Wellborn doors are constructed to ensure minimum shrinkage and have a finish that allows them to withstand many common food products and household chemicals, so you don’t have to worry that a spilled plate or splash of cleaning product is going to ruin your cabinetry.

Scottsdale Guest Bathroom Remodeling with Vanity

As we mentioned before, one of the biggest selling points of Wellborn Cabinets is their endless customization. With thousands of paint and stain options available and a wide selection of doors and finishes ready for you to choose, your perfect cabinets are within your reach.